Introducing e.nigma buttons

You all now that: You are using a software which brings a lot of functionality but there is always the one feature that is missing. In WordPress this situation is not as disappointing as for other software because WordPress allows the user to extend its functionality with plugins.

Some weeks ago I started writing on the e.nigma 2015 theme (which is already submitted to the repository but is still in review). Here and there I wanted to extend the theme’s functionality with shortcodes that allow the user to easily add buttons to their blog posts and pages. However, I missed that the WordPress team says1 that custom shortcodes should come with plugins, not with themes. Consequently, I transferred the button functionality to a WordPress plugin: e.nigma buttons.


Historic WordPress

Here are links to static demonstrations of what WordPress looked like in the early days of it’s development.

Wenn schon die ersten Posts à la wie-war-es-damals™ zu einer Software aufkommen, soll das schon was heißen. Ich bin mir nicht mehr ganz sicher, mit welcher Version von WordPress ich zum ersten mal in Berührung gekommen bin. Muss wohl Version 1.x gewesen sein. Es hat sich seitdem wirklich sehr viel getan.

Open the current Safari tab in Firefox Developer Edition

Some month ago I decided to split the browser I’m using for development from that one which I use for my everyday tasks. From that day on I used Safari for that everyday tasks. It is a very nice and fast browser. Since Apple introduced that extensions and one had not to go the SIMBL way anymore that browser made an enormous progress in the discipline of speed and energy efficiency. However, there is a feature that is (for me) horrible to use: The developer tools. As Google Chrome had a much better approach, I sticked to Chrome for development.

Roughly a month ago Mozilla released Firefox Developer Edition. A browser adjusted to fulfill all the stuff that developers need for their everyday work. Seriously, it is a really nice alternative to the developer tools shipped with Google Chrome.

Nevertheless, there is one thing that is a really big pain in the ass if you use two different browsers. There are many(!) situations were you want to open the current web page in a different browser. One thing that you can do is copy & paste that URL. This is very time consuming and not really „2014“. As there are tools available like Alfred you no longer need to do things like this manually. For Chrome I always used the Alfred2URLInChrome workflow. You just open the Alfred window type in „Firefox“ and there you are. Guess what! A similar Alfred workflow for Firefox is not available.

Beweg dich, du Laufn00b!

Es ist ja irgendwie schon eigenartig. Der Technische Fortschritt schreitet immer weiter voran. Alles wird kleiner, schneller, umweltfreundlich. Nur die Menschen. Die werden immer fetter.

Gleichzeitig ist das aber eigentlich auch kein Wunder. Ein Klick und schon kommt die Pizza direkt nach Haus (mit GPS-Tracking versteht sich…) oder das Paket in die Packstation. Das Mammut (oder für die weniger Fleischverrückten die Beere), dass (welche) man früher erlegen (sammeln) musste, legt man heute lieber in den Einkaufswagen. Jetzt stellt sich natürlich die Frage: Wie kann man dem entgegen wirken. Angeblich ist es total einfach: mehr Bewegung. Wäre da nur nicht die Sache mit der Motivation…

Podlove Publisher 1.11

Say hello to the Podlove Subscribe button, the Universal button to subscribe to buttons in the desired podcast client or player website. It ships as a widget, so you can easily display it on your site. For more finegrained positioning, you can use the Du musst zuerst einen Button erstellen und seine ID angeben. shortcode.